Maritime Transport



Development of Operational System and Methodology for Defining Environmentally, Legitimately and Socio-Economically Optimal Tanker Routing Through the Aegean Sea for Caspian Oil Re-transportation to Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.


Central target of the project is to develop effective means for assisting shipping companies, assurance agencies, and competent authorities in defining optimal tanker-ship routing through the Aegean Sea, as well as safety precautions and contingency strategies for minimizing environmental risk. Linked to this background, a state-of-the-art Decision Support System (DSS) will be developed for optimal tanker ship route selection, in terms of safety and environmental objectives, along with cost terms of stakeholders, i.e. ship service providers, cargo and assurance companies etc. NTUA Maritime Transport will examine and contribute (mainly) in the area of the risk assessment of tanker routes through the Aegean Sea.

The project duration is 36 months and the funding comes from GSRT (General Secretariat for Research and Technology). The remaining of the AEGEAN project partners are:

  • NTUA- Department of Chemical Engineering
  • National Centre for Marine Research
  • Research Institute of Computer and Communication Systems
  • Foundation for Mediterranean Studies
  • Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
  • Panteion University


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